Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Inspiration comes in many forms and sometimes at unexpected times.  Found the post from Flintland this morning on Facebook and I loved it.  It shows what I have felt over the last two and half years of my own journey in running.  Not so much the struggle, the running slow and being out of breath.  More the idea that people who run and truly love to run are part of a wonderful community.  I have never been in a race or part of an event where someone said "You suck, why are you here?"  Every time I get nothing but high fives, you go girl! and encouragement all along the way.

If you are looking for motivation, sign up for a race, any length will do.  My first was a 5K.  I was dead last and probably a good 10 minutes behind everyone else.  I was cheered at the end like I had just won the gold medal at the Olympics.  Hard not to feel proud with that kind of reaction from complete strangers.  The thing is, they understand.  They know that you have accomplished much just by being there.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that when it's cold, rainy and I would rather be sitting on my couch eating ice cream.  But then I see my finisher medals from all the races I have done over the last two years and I put on my running shoes and GO!  :-)

Setting up my training schedule for a 10K later this month.  Just a warm up for the half marathons I'm doing in April!  Time to get serious.  I hope you will join my running community in cheering me on.  I also hope that you will join my running community if you haven't already.  It's a pretty wonderful group of people to hang out with.  :-)

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