Friday, January 4, 2019

Stress Happens...

Life sometimes has a way of smacking you around. Sometimes it is normal every day things that can stress you out.  Other times it's big stuff that is out of your control.  And sometimes it's a really fun combination of both. 

There are lots of different ways of dealing with stresses. 

Mine is food. 

I've done better the last several years keeping a handle on this and using exercise to be my stress reliever. 

I have not done better the last several months using exercise and have gone back to food. 

My pants are complaining about this. 

Actually a lot of my clothes are complaining about this. 

I don't know how other people get inside their heads but mine is kind of a downward spiral. 

  • First I eat because I'm stressed. 
  • I don't work out because I'm tired and stressed.  Instead of exercising, I'm snacking.  
  • Then I am mad at myself because I know I should be working out but I'm so tired (and sad) that I still don't work out.  
  • So then I'm stressed about my workouts and my weight. 
  • Then back to the start.  I eat because I'm stressed.  

It's a ridiculous cycle and I know it when it's happening.  Knowing it's happening almost makes it worse because I feel so weak that even knowing it's happening I don't seem to have the strength or will power to stop it. 

Life is always full of stresses.  Some are just harder to handle.  Right now we have some rather big ones happening.  Health issues that are affecting people I love.  Inability to do more than just be present is really hard for me.  Comfort and prayers are great but I want to DO something to make things better or easier and I do not have the ability to do that.  My yearly struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder where I once again have a classroom with no windows which adds to the struggle.  Youngest daughter's senior year, Joe getting ready to do another Ironman and me starting over again at a new school all are things that add to the stress.  Not necessarily bad ones but they add to the pile.  Basically just a lot happening all at one time. 

I decided that I would take the two weeks of my winter break to focus on getting my workouts done.  To get back into the routine of doing my workouts. 

Because I know that setting goals helps keeping me going in the right general direction, I have made a few goals to get me through the next month.  Then I will see where I am at and how I'm doing and make new goals. 

  • Do all my workouts, even if I don't do them 100% or they aren't pretty.  I have to at least TRY.
  • Count/track my calories.  Because I snack I know that I eat more than it seems like when I'm stressed so counting my calories will help me be aware of just how much I am really eating.  
  • Drink all the water in my 40 oz. Hydroflask twice a day.  
  • No sugar!  Too much holiday snacking.  Time to clean out the system.  It will suck at first but I know it my body will thank me later.  
  • Support my family members in the best way I am able, whatever that may look like.  And be okay if it doesn't actually feel like I'm doing anything.  Comfort and prayers do matter.  
  • Cut myself some serious slack if I do not do all of these goals perfectly every day.  I am only human after all.  
This is a very doable list with things I CAN control.  (I will have to keep reminding myself of this!!) 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Just Because...Beautiful Oregon

I am very fortunate to live in the beautiful state of Oregon.  My husband and I have traveled to many other amazing places in the world.  But when it comes right down to it nothing compares to home, at least in my mind.

We live in the Willamette Valley which lies between the Coastal Mountain Range and the Cascade Mountain Range.  We are just a little over an hour from the beach and can also be in the mountains in about the same amount of time.  There are trails everywhere!  All kinds of parks and ways to have adventures in order to spend time in nature.

So this post is short on words and long on photos.  I just thought I would share some of the amazing things I have seen while out on my adventures.  I hope that where ever you are and what ever you are doing you find a way to go out and appreciate the beauty that is around you!

If the picture doesn't have a specific location indicated that means it is just on my bike rides or runs near my home in Albany, Oregon.

Blue Pool Hike
Blue Pool
Sahalie Falls
Salt Creek Falls
Salt Creek Falls Trail
Powderhouse Trial-MacDonald/Dunn Forest
East of Albany, Oregon
Bike ride east of Albany
Peavy Arboretum-36 tra
Peavy Arboretum-36 Trail
During a run near my house
School field near my house
God's Thumb Trail, Lincoln City
God's Thumb Trail, Lincoln City
God's Thumb Trail, Lincoln City
God's Thumb Trail, Lincoln City
Lake Marie.  View from trailer at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park
Lake Marie
Sunset at Umpqua Light House
Umpqua Lighthouse
Evening view on my street
Daffodil in my yard, I love spring!!
On a run south of Albany
South of Albany

Bike ride east of Albany
Florence, Oregon
Florence, Oregon
Florence, Oregon (and finish of the Oregon Dunes the top)
Sunriver, Oregon
Sunriver, Oregon
Bike ride, east of Albany
Walk near my home.
Mulkey Trail, Corvallis, Oregon
Mulkey Trail, Corvallis, Oregon
Mulkey Trail, Corvallis, Oregon
Mulkey Trail, Corvallis, Oregon
Mulkey Trail, Corvallis, Oregon
Sunset from my front yard.
Foster Lake, Sweet Home
Dimple Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Dimple Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Dimple Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Cottage Grove Resevoir, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Cottage Grove Resevior, Cottage Grove, Oregon
Duffy Lake, Oregon
8 Lakes Basin Trail, Oregon
8 Lakes Basin Hike, Oregon
Joren Lake, Oregon
8 Lakes Basin Hike, Oregon
Duffy Lake, Oregon
Three Creeks Lake, Oregon
Sisters Mountains, Oregon
Foster Lake, Sweet Home, Oregon
During a walk, near my house
Near my house on a walk
Near my house on a walk
Foster Lake, Sweet Home, Oregon
Foster Lake, Sweet Home, Oregon
Sunrise at my school

Sunrise at my school
East of Albany during a bike ride.
Bald Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Bald Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Leaf suspended in the middle of the trail by a spider web, Bald Hill, Corvallis, Oregon
Silver Falls State Park, North Falls
Silver Falls State Park
Jetty in Newport, Oregon
Yaquina Bay, Newport, OR
Yaquina Lighthouse, Newport, OR
Winter Falls, Silver Falls State Park
South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

Bald Hill, Corvallis, Oregon

Shellburg Falls, Oregon
Lower South Falls, Silver Falls State Park
South Falls, Silver Falls State Park
South Falls, Silver Falls State Park

I am so grateful that I choose an active life that helps me see these beautiful places and beautiful places that I visit outside of Oregon.