Thursday, June 20, 2019


My last day of work for the school year was last Friday.  I gave myself Saturday to just do nothing.  But that's it because we are moving at the beginning of July and I have a lot to do between now and then. 

I also made a promise to myself that I would make a very real effort to get back into the regular routing of exercising.  That I would make it a part of my normal day again. 

Today is Thursday and I have done some activity every day since Sunday.  With all these different things I did I have been remembering a few things. 

  • I remembered that I can do hard things.
  • I remembered that being tired from working out is much better than being tired for no reason at all. 
  • I remembered that I actually like being sore because I'm pushing myself.  
  • I remembered how much fun it is to play on my bike.
  • I remembered how much I love swimming.  
  • I remembered that I do actually know how to run.  
  • I remembered how much exercise helps my mental health.  
  • I remembered that even though starting over isn't very fun, I know I can get back to where I was.  As long as I don't give up on myself.  
My first week back to taking care of myself better was busy with a lot of shorter activities.  Best part was being out in the sunshine!!

Sunday I hiked with my husband and my puppy.
So many daisies!
Following my hubby to the top of Bald Hill.

Monday I did a short bike ride in the sunshine. 
Tuesday I ran around the neighborhood where I will be moving to and explored.
Can we go yet Mom?
Wednesday I swam with my coach in an outdoor pool.  
Worth the drive to Corvallis to be able to swim outside!!
Today I did an Open Water Swim with my friend at Foster Lake.
Adventures with Pote. 💜
Foster Lake.  No wind and the water was warm.  Great day for a swim!

I am sore.

I am tired.

I have a lot of ground to make up.

But I am remembering why I started in the first place and why I kept going. 

There are a lot of things out of my control right now. 

This is something I can do for myself and I have complete control over. 

I am remembering that I am a Badass with Sparkle.  Even if it's not as bright as it has been,

It's good to see that sparkle again.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Life has a way of throwing us curve balls.

I like to have a plan.

When I get a curve ball, I can adjust the plan as needed.  But I still have a plan.

However, once in a while it feels like a bit more than just a curve ball.

It feels more like I'm getting hit by the ball.

Seems like that is how things have been going lately.

Lots of things going on.  Some things are totally out of my control.  Others are because of decisions my husband and I have made a long time ago and the timing just makes it hard.

Last fall I made the decision to dial back my training some and just participate in sprint triathlons for the coming season.

I already knew there was going to be a lot on my plate and that seemed like the smart thing to do.

Fast forward six months and I've been struggling with finding balance between all the things I need to do and getting my workouts done for me.

The workouts for me have taken a backseat to everything else.

This totally sucks because I know that when I finally get through all this stuff I will be starting over...again.

When I started running I had this vision of how I would lose weight and feel great.  I had some thoughts to bigger and badder goals to reach by the time I turned 50.  I thought all of these things were totally possible considering the amount of work I was putting in.

Now I am in the year where I actually turn 50.

I have gained back a bunch of weight.

I haven't done any events this year at all and it's already June.

My workouts are practically non-existent.

Not where I thought I would be at all.

Most of this winter has been working my way around to being okay with that.

I don't want to say it's not my fault (because it is).

Or that other things had to become priorities (which they did).

I try really hard to live a No Excuses life.

But sometimes that is just really hard.  (This is being said in the most whiny voice possible.)

I tend to think of my year in seasons, usually starting with fall.  Probably because I'm a teacher and that's when the school year starts.  Fall, winter, spring, summer.  There are beautiful parts of all of those seasons but there are also parts that are not so great.  None of them last forever.  Sometimes it seems like it and then suddenly we are in the next season.

Oregon fall is beautiful.  We tend to nice weather, warm but not too hot, and the leaves start turning.  I love hiking in the fall when the air is starting to have a crisp edge to it in the morning but then it warms up.  But fall is also the time when we start getting more rainy days and it reminders that the damp winter is on its way.
Silver Falls State Park, November 2018
Winter can be lovely in different ways.  It rains a lot in the valley where I live.  I love listening to the sound of the rain on the tin cover that is over our back porch.  I like hiking when it's a light drizzle and everything smells clean and the leaves have a sparkle to them.  We can drive to the coast and watch the waves churn because of a storm or drive to the mountains and play in the snow.  It's nice to be able to change things up when it's feeling a bit dreary.  But it can also be hard to have the relentless gray skies and not have the time to change things up because life gets so busy.
The Sisters, Central Oregon, January 2019
Spring in Oregon is like a roller coaster at times.  Mother nature likes to tease us with amazing days of warmth and blue skies and then slam us with a week of non-stop rain.  Hiking becomes an adventure in spotting wild flowers and baby deer.  It's also the end of the school year and the students are losing their minds and the teachers are losing their patience.
Summer!  Long summer days, sunshine and time for workouts that are followed by naps.  I love summer.  I don't enjoy days where the temperature is over 90 and it's so hot at night I can't sleep.  Luckily we don't get there too often and I know it could be much worse.  My son lives in Arizona and I look at the temperature where he is and think it's just ridiculous!
Much like the different times of the year there are seasons in life.  With each season there are parts that are beautiful and amazing and there are parts that are not as much fun or a struggle.  Sometimes the beautiful and amazing happens at the same time as the struggling season.

This past year has brought on several different seasons in our life happening all at the same time.  As I said earlier, I have felt bombarded and overwhelmed a lot this year.

I have been focusing on all the hard parts and struggles and forgetting to look for the wildflowers.

I was talking with my coach a few weeks ago and he was telling me how I'm going through a season in my life where racing isn't a priority and that is okay.  I need to work at still moving as much as I can and remember that this isn't permanent, it's just a season.

Obviously I have been thinking about that quite a bit.  Funny how the brain clamps onto an idea or word and runs with it.

Two of the seasons in our life that are happening right now are rather significant.  First, we are selling our house and moving.  Downsizing some but getting some awesome features in a home that are going to be exactly what we are wanting in a house for a couple of empty-nesters.

Second, our youngest is graduating high school.  She will be heading off to college in August.  Our other two kiddos are home to see their baby sister graduate.  It has been amazing to have them all home and hear them laughing in the other room or hanging out with us and just visiting.

Graduation is tonight and then Meighan will be off on a trip with a friend for a few weeks.  We will be moving the first week in July, which sounds really far away but I know will be here in no time.

I'm ready for this season to be winding down.

I'm ready to not have so many life changing seasons happening at one time.

I'm ready to take a deep breath and have a moment or two before I regroup and start moving forward again.

Trying to not beat myself up and the work I'm going to have to do just to get where I was last fall.

Trying to remember this is just a season in my life.

No season lasts forever.

Sometimes that's a good thing.