Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy Anniversary to me!  My husband and I are celebrating our 23rd anniversary today.  He surprised me with a couple of nights as a Bed & Breakfast in Newport.  We arrived last night.  We would have shown up earlier in the day but he surprised me with my first ever massage before we left.  Joe has been getting a sports massage about once a month to help with his Ironman training.  We had to stop in Corvallis because he had one scheduled.  What I didn’t know was that he had scheduled a massage for me right after he was done.  It was AMAZING!  It felt so good.  If you need a good place for a massage and you live in the Corvallis/Albany area you need to go see Wendie Gum at Body of Health & Wellness.  She rocks!!  After my massage we headed to the beach.  I still didn’t know where we were going but it was fun to be surprised.  I’m married to a very good man!

Today was supposed to be a four mile run.  My original plan was to run two miles down the beach and then two miles back.  However, where we are staying has a wide stream going right along the rocks for a very long way and no way to get around it easily on the beach.  We decided that we could just run out to the Yaquina Lighthouse and back since the B&B is just down from the entrance on Hwy 101.  So I went from going on a flat run to going on a hill run. 

Now, I have been on that road before in our car.  But hills look much different when you are walking or running up them.  Here's the difference.
Total exaggeration I will admit but that’s how it feels.  I ran all the way out to the lighthouse without stopping and was feeling pretty good.  But then I realized that in order to get my four miles in I would either have to run out to the lighthouse twice or I would have to make the loop longer.  I saw Joe coming down this trail behind the lighthouse and figured, no pain, no gain and headed up.  I got to the second switchback and had to start walking.  It was a long ways up.  I was getting frustrated that I was walking but then I reminded myself that I was out there doing it and I would get some great pictures at the top.  Here are the pictures:

So today was about distance and hills rather than speed.  I think my legs and butt are going to be tight later today.  J  Here’s the information from todays excursion:

Joe and I will be enjoying the rest of our mini-vacation, adding to our 23 years of memories.  I’m very lucky to be able to spend my life with my best friend!! 

Keep me in your thoughts during the next week as I go back to work.  This will be where it gets hard for me to keep running cause I’m so tired from work.  Hopefully the B-12 is helping and I won’t be as wiped at the end of the day!  

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