Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Aches and Pains

It's been a busy week!  Still tired, still slogging through my runs and workouts but at least I'm still slogging.

This week is the tapering week before my 10K race on Sunday.  This means you go on shorter runs to keep loose but don't over do so you can kick ass on race day.  (At least that's what I'm told.  Not sure I will be doing too much ass kicking.  More like trying not to die before the end. lol)

Monday was a 2 mile run and I decided to run on the track while my daughter was at her swim practice.  I was about 3 laps in and I got the WORST cramp in my right calf.  It hurt so bad!  I hobbled through one more lap and was ready to quit.  I decided to try walking and to take long strides to stretch out the calf to see if that would help.  It did help so I walked two laps and then did a really slow jog for the final two laps.  I got my two miles in but it wasn't pretty.  I'm really glad I have a job where I'm standing and moving around a lot.  My calf was still really right yesterday so it was good that I was not just sitting all day.

Last night I did 45 minutes of cross training.  Weights for my arms, crunches and then I added squats. I tried to do some burpees (my hubby showed me how) but it didn't feel very good on my calf so I only did two.  The squats where hard but a good kind of hard so that was good.  All this is going to have a benefit at some point.  At least that's what I keep being told.  :-)

Tonight was a 2.5 mile run.  I was a little worried about my calf because it was still tight but it was ok.  I could feel that it was tight but it didn't cramp up the way it had on Monday.  I had used our roller on my legs this morning and I think that really helped.  If you don't have a roller you need to get one!  It really does help.  This is what ours looks like:

The come in all different lengths and are to help loosen up your muscles and release the toxins that build up while you are exercising.

My first mile was one of my faster miles.  Then I slowed down.  No negative splits today.  Everything just kind of ached.  I could tell I had done squats and my muscles were sore in new places.  I ran two miles and then walked the last half mile.  I was starting to get really tight in my calves and hips and didn't want to cramp up like I did Monday so I just walked and stretched everything out.

I'm looking forward to the day when every single workout I do doesn't involve pain.  I know that that is my body changing and getting stronger but I would really like to go out and just feel like I'm rocking it. Some day!  Won't happen if I don't keep at it so I'm choosing to keep at it.

Tomorrow is 60 minutes of cross training.  My plan is to swim for 30 minutes and do weights, crunches and squats the other 30 minutes.

I like having a training plan because then I'm not working out according to how I feel.  I am sure I wouldn't have gone as far some days with my run if my plan and hadn't said to.  I know I wouldn't have added the cross training if the training plan hadn't said to.  The training plans are all over the Internet.  I've have also found some that look good on Pinterest.  The are also designed for all levels of experience, from beginner to really experienced.

One more month before my next doctors appointment.  Not really seeing changes yet and still tired so we shall see what the next month brings and where the next steps take me.

Thanks to all the people who have told me I'm inspiring.  I don't feel very inspiring most of the time but I'm glad my sharing is not just helping me.  :-)

I'll let you know how the 10K goes on Sunday!

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