Thursday, January 24, 2013

Adventures on the Treadmill

I don't officially begin my "training" for the half marathons for a couple of weeks but I'm staying active because I don't want to lose momentum.  Wednesdays are kind of crazy at our house.  It always feels like everyone is going in seven different directions at once.  When Joe is working it is even more crazy.

Yesterday I decided that I would do a 30 minute treadmill workout and then do some burpees and squats.  Thirty minutes on a treadmill?  No big deal, right?  Wrong! lol  I had found a 30 minute treadmill workout on Pinterest awhile back and was going to do that but I hadn't printed it out.  I didn't have time to fuss with that because I had to go pick up my youngest goober from her swim practice.  No big deal I thought.  I'll just do one of the programs on the treadmill.  I scroll through the different programs trying to find one that looks doable.  I don't want to kill myself after all.  I find one that has three peaks and valleys.  Perfect.  I can work on some incline work.  You have to understand something at this point.  I have never used one of the programs on my treadmill.  I failed to notice that as I scrolled through it displayed the top incline and speed that each program would inflict upon the unwary runner/victim.

Everything was begin with.  The first level was an incline of 5 with a speed of 3.5.  I could feel the incline but it wasn't too bad.  Each level lasted 90 seconds.  The next level was an incline of 7 and a speed of 4.0.  Still very doable.  I was thinking "I've got this!"  Not so much!  The next level was an incline of 15 and a speed of 7.0!  I lasted about 10 seconds and thought "OMG!!!  I thinking I'm F*&^**!! going to die!!!  I was glad no one was home, although the thought did cross my mind that if I had a coronary there would be no one around to call 911.  I could not hit the stop button fast enough.  I ended up standing with my feet on both sides of the treadmill while I waited for it to stop.  I decided that program was not something I was quite ready for (gross understatement) and tried to change the program.  It wouldn't let me so I finally pulled the safety program so the stupid thing would let me start over.  I then proceeded to so my own version of an incline workout where I could actually breathe and not die of a heart attack.  I was much more successful with my version of the workout.  :-)

I will be looking at the owners manual about how the programs work and if there is a way to adjust the top speed and incline to something challenging but not life threatening.

I followed up my adventure on the treadmill with a set of squats and burpees.  I think I will have a love/hate relationship with burpees.  They are hard!

Here is my workout for today (a set is 10):
40 minute swim
3 sets of tricep extensions with 10 lb weight. (standing)
3 sets of tricep extension with 10 lb weight. (bent)
3 sets of bicep curls with 10 lb weight
3 sets of squats
5 burpees.

I was going to try and do three sets of burpees but I was complete jello by this point and it just didn't happen.  I will try and get more done next time.

The adventures continue!  I decided today that I'm going to have to see if I can schedule a massage for the day I go to the doctor.  I will have SO earned it by then!

Looks like Joe and I might be doing the 15K at the Shamrock run in March.  Another motivation for me to keep moving!

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