Sunday, January 27, 2013

What a view!

I'm trying not to bore everyone with all my exercising but I have discovered that I love writing about my adventures and it helps me stay motivated.  So you can ignore my blog or check out my latest adventure.  :-)

Today we did a shorter hike up Bald Hill with friends.  I have been teasing my friend Wendie that I keep being told it will be worth getting to the top because of the awesome view.  Every time we have gone it has been rainy and foggy and I get a great view of the inside of a cloud.  Today I got the view!

It was cold again but we managed to miss the rain.  When we started up the hill I was having a hard time breathing but I had brought my new inhaler along.  Wow, that really made a difference.  I still was working hard to climb up the hill but now I didn't feel like I had an anvil resting on my chest.  

It was so beautiful at the top.  I love living in the Northwest.  Even when it is cold and raining it is amazingly beautiful.  I am looking forward to seeing how the landscape changes with the seasons as I continue to go on these hikes.  

I feel like I'm getting in better shape but that my weight is still holding me back from really feeling successful.  It takes work to lug this much weight up hill.  It would be easier if there was less of my to lug.  Again, the frustration of knowing that I'm doing all that I can to be healthy and my body is not cooperating!  Aaaarrrrggggg.  

Tomorrow I'm going to a "Chisel" class before work.  I think I may regret it, not in the accomplishment feeling, but in the "I'm so sore feeling."  We shall see.  :-)  I have to run tomorrow too.  I think I will do that after work.  Will be a long day!  

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