Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hangover Run!

I have two goals for 2013.  I want to be as healthy as possible and have a ton of fun along the way.  So what do I do the first day of the new year?  I ran in a 3K run called The Hangover Run.  It is put on by the fabulous people at Run Wild Adventures!  If you want to check out races put on by them here's the link:


They do all kinds of trail runs and mud runs from fall until spring all over Oregon.  So much fun!

It was very cold today when we started.  I think it was around 28 degrees.  This made it a bit hard for me to breath.  The cure for this problem came at the aid stop halfway through the race.  This station had the normal water and more!  It's not every race that has beer, Bloody Marys, and whiskey shots to get you through the race.  I had a whiskey shot and that warmed me right up and funny, breathing wasn't as hard the second half of the race.

After the grueling (ha!) 3K they also had a beer mile.  I did not participate since I really don't like beer.  However, my hubby did and it was VERY entertaining to watch.  The runners had to down a glass of beer, run a quarter mile, another beer, another quarter mile, etc.  Basically 4 beers as they ran one mile.  If anyone puked they had to run a penalty lap.  So gross!

All in all it was a great day with good friends and lots of laughing!  Not a bad way to start off 2013!

My awesome hubby and me before the race!  It was COLD!!  :-)

Day one of the new attitude was successful!  I hope everyone had a great NewYears Day!  Happy New Year!!!

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