Monday, February 11, 2013

Progress-ish :-)

Today I ran right after work.  I didn't wait to come home because I knew it would be dark by then.  I only had to do 3 miles and since I had a meeting at the District Office till 5:00 p.m.  I figured it would be better if I just changed at work and ran from there.

As usual I started out too fast.  When I got to my first half mile point my Nike friend (Who I call Lilly) informed me that I had a 12:58 pace.  Normally I would try and slow down so that my first mile isn't too fast and then I can work on negative splits.  This time I decided to try something different.  Don't want to get bored so it is fun to change things up once in awhile.  I decided that if I kept that pace or even got it a bit faster for another half mile then I would try to keep it for an additional half mile after that.  Which meant trying to keep my pace under 13 minute miles for a mile and half total.  This may not sound too hard but for me it is a big deal.  My agreement with myself was that if I was able to do this then I would walk (fast pace) for a half mile and then jog the last mile.  If I didn't then I could slow down my pace but I couldn't stop running.

I got to walk my half mile.  :-)  I know this might seem silly to some people but for some reason it made me happy.  I had to push hard to keep that pace, it's fast for me right now and I set a goal and I made it. I really feel like I'm making good progress with my running.  I wish the weight would start coming off because I feel like that would really help with how fast I can go.  No matter how "in shape" I am, it is still hard to lug 260 pounds down the road.

I decided to compare today's run to the first one I did right after Christmas just to see if there was improvement.  Um....yep!  Much better.

This was the very first run the day after Christmas.  I went 2.85 miles.  This was my splits for the first two full miles.

This was a run that was a few days later that was four miles.  The first mile wasn't too bad but it wasn't too great after that.  

This is today's run.  Mile One rocked!  :-)  Mile two was slower because I walked for 1/2 a mile. My pace for my last mile wasn't terrible considering how I pushed it earlier.  It was still quicker than that first runs first mile.  :-)

I'm still trying to focus on the positive and continue to work on what is working.  Not always easy but I'm trying!  

This week will be a challenge to get my workouts in.  Seems like there lots of activities and meetings that would make it easy for me to say forget it.  But I haven't skipped a workout yet so I will figure out something.  Don't want to break my streak!  

Goober #2 made it to the State swim meet in all four of her events from Districts!! So happy for her and how all her hard work has got her to this point.  I love being able to cheer my kids on and be there for their successes.  Especially after being there for the not so successful times.  So much easier to support and encourage others.  Need to remember to support and encourage myself!  

Here's my newest meme about running.  I'm having fun creating them and putting them on here.  Makes them feel more my own.  I took a few from Pinterest initially but I like creating my own.  It's like scrapbooking.  :-) 

Have a great week!  


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading & following your progress! I follow you through my reader so I probably don't show up in your stats, but I'm enjoying your updates. You go!

    1. Thanks Christa! It does help knowing that some people are reading. It keeps me accountable. I'm finding that writing about it is helping me not get so grumpy about what's not working and helps me focus on what is working. This has been a great tool for me. Who knew? :-) Thanks for being one of my faithful three followers. lol