Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dr. Visit

Today was my visit to my doctor.  In preparation I made up calendar pages to cover December 26th through yesterday.  I put down how many miles I ran or what other cross training I had done and then the calories I took in for the day.  I wanted to be able to show that I really, truly have done everything that I'm supposed to do.

Good News:  I have lost 9 pounds since my last visit which was in the middle of December.
Bad News:  Unfortunately I lost that the first week I started running and counting calories.  I'm pretty sure that was the holiday bloat/yukkyness fleeing my body.  lol  I haven't lost anything since then.

Good News: I am doing a great job with the exercising and counting calories and my doctor was totally impressed with my commitment to the running and said I was doing everything right.
Bad News:  Doc said that he would expect that with the level of exercise that I would have lost around 20 pounds.  He said he understood why I'm frustrated because I was working hard and should expect better results.

So next step is to see a hormone specialist and see if maybe things are out of whack in some way that isn't showing up on regular tests but are keeping me from making progress.

As far as being tired.  We are going to do B12 shots (at least thats the plan once he sees the blood test results).  He also wants me to have a follow up visit with the sleep doctor and possibly do another sleep study.  He is thinking that maybe there is something going on that is interfering with my REM sleep.  What apnea I have was very slight so we shall see.

Looks like more doctor visits and more waiting.  But I promised that I would keep on keeping on.  Don't want to lose my momentum.  And hey, 9 pounds is 9 pounds.  At least I didn't gain 9 pounds!  It could be worse.  I could be doing all this and gaining weight.

On a more fun note.  I had another great run on Wednesday night.  I really didn't want to go.  I was SO tired!  I needed 4 miles and hills.  I changed my clothes at work and then drove to North Albany so I could run on Thortan Lake Road.  It has rolling hills so you go up and down the entire time.  I started off and it started to rain.  Got about a mile in and it hailed.  Then it went back to rain which now seemed nice after the hail.  There lots of mud puddles and cars going by fast so it was certainly a run where I had to pay attention, both to where my feet were going and what was going on around me.  I do not want to end up as road rash!

I wanted to try for a 13:30 average pace for the run and I wanted to run the whole thing.  This seemed like a lot to ask for after the awful run I had on Monday.  Running seems to be about balance, at least for me.  I have a couple crappy runs and then I get a couple of good ones.  Or I have a truly terrible run and then the next one is amazing.  Weird.  Anyone else have that or is it just me?   The balance this week was a really good run.  Which was a much needed boost for Madam Cranky Pants!

Once again I'm choosing to focus on what is going well and continue to pray that either my body figures out the program or we figure out what's going on so that we can fix it.  

I was reading a blog of an amazing lady tonight.  She was Goober #3's teacher a few years ago and a mentor to me when I was an Instructional Assistant at the same school.  She lost her husband a year ago and kept the blog while her husband was ill and now she writes about life after.  Because there is a life after.  It reminded me that I have so much to be thankful for.  I have every right to be frustrated but I also need to focus on all the many blessings in my life!  Thank you Di for helping me put things in perspective.  :-)

I've got a long run of 8 miles on Saturday.  I'm going to keep moving and working!  And maybe even dance along the way! 

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