Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week in Review :-)

Spring is coming.  It is nice to go workout and not be freezing.  There is still rain, I live in Oregon after all.  But it is nice to get the occasional nice day.  In Oregon when there is a day that is in the upper 50's for temperature everyone is breaking out their shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.  Even if it's raining.  :-) 

I missed my run on Monday but decided it would be okay since I had the big hike on Sunday.  A student from last year had asked me to come to watch her play basketball sometime during the season.  Because of meetings and my own kids activities I hadn't made it to a game all season and I felt terrible!  I don't like promising something and not following through, especially to a kid.  Luckily for me her team made the playoffs and had at least one more game.  I wasn't going to risk them losing and not playing any more games so I went to the game. I had a meeting after work, I went back home to pick up my youngest goober from swim practice and then headed back to Lebanon to watch my former student's game.  It was a great game!  They ended up losing by one point but they played hard the entire game!  My student was great and the smile on her face when she realized I had shown up was totally worth missing my run.  She is one of those kids that I really connected with and I miss seeing every day now that I'm in a different school.  Some kids just latch on to my heart in a special way and it's hard to let them go.  :-)  This is one of those kids that I plan to be at her high school graduation and her college graduation.  :-)

Tuesday's run was awesome.  I only had to go 3 miles so I decided to really push and try and get an average pace that was under 13 minutes.  I know this is not a terribly fast goal for most runners but for me it is moving right along.  I had to really push through the run to make it happen.  My first mile is usually fine but the second mile is where my knee hurts or my calves are tight.  When I'm doing a longer run I just slow down a little and work the kinks out.  Since this was a short run if I wanted to keep the pace average under 13 minutes I was going to have to keep moving fast even though things hurt.  That was tough but I did it.  Once I got two miles done and the pace was 13'04 I was pretty sure I could reach my goal.  I picked up the pace just a tiny bit and tried to maintain it as best I could.  I finished with an average pace of 12'52 over three miles.  Yay!  Small victory but a victory so I'm taking it.  :-)

Wednesday was cross-training day so I went for my 30 minute swim.  I was very tired on Wednesday all day.  It was an early release day at school which makes the kids all squirrly and then I had a District meeting all afternoon.  I was wiped out by the time I got home.  I went and took a nap for an hour then got up and headed to the pool for my swim.  I swam 30 minutes.  I am taking fewer and fewer breaks at each end of the pool.  I am also getting better at making it an entire length doing freestyle with taking breaths on both sides and putting my face down in the water.  Another small thing but I like the feeling of making progress.  Got my little bit of time in the hot tub after.  It was nice to warm up. 

Thursday was a rest day.  It was nice to come home and not have to worry about my workout one day of the work week.  I did end up going to the pool to have some hot tub time with a friend.  We ended up sitting on the side of the hot tub talking for an hour.  Love having girl time and I love having so many great friends to spend time with.  I am a blessed lady!

This week has been a "recovery" week on my training plan so all the workouts have been notched down a bit.  Friday was a three mile run.  The weather was amazing!  I drove to work in the sunshine and came home in the sunshine.  I love that the days are getting longer too.  It's nice to go run and not have to start when it's getting dark and finish when it's all the way dark.  Now I'm starting when it's light and it is just starting to be twilight when I finish.  I still wear the safety vest so that I can be seen easily.  I have noticed when I'm driving that at twilight it is almost as difficult to see runners and walkers as it is at night.  So many people wear all black or dark clothing and with no lights or vests it makes it hard to see them.  I don't want to be splatted all over the road because a car was turning and didn't see me crossing the street! As usual my run was not great. Not terrible but not great.  I have come to know that my Monday and Friday runs just are not going to be my best runs.  :-)  So I trotted along and enjoyed the weather and all the other people that were out and about doing the same thing.

My plan was to run 6 miles Saturday morning and then head to Portland to watch Goober #2 swim in the State competition for her club swim team.  She thought she was getting a ride from a teammate and so I wouldn't need to be there until just before her first swim.  Just before I went to bed I found out that she needed me to take her and we had to leave at 6:00 a.m. so she would be there in time for warm ups.  So much for running before I left.  I just didn't have it in me to get up at 4:00 a.m. to run before we left.

When we got to the swim meet we found out that her relay team had made the finals which would be at the end of the afternoon session (really it was the evening session.)  I wish I had known that cause then I could have brought my running stuff and gotten the run done between sessions.  As it was we had lunch with the team at the Olive Garden (Yum!) and then took a nap in the car.  lol  It was hard to sit in the bleachers all day.  My back was killing me by the time it was all over.  And you would think with all the padding I have on my posterior that it wouldn't hurt but it did.

The one awesome thing was that I found my fabulous friend Tonya and we got to sit together and talk the entire morning.  We went to high school together and whenever we get to spend time together we just have a great time!  I picked my friends well in high school, if I do say so myself.  :-)

The other awesome thing was that I got to watch my daughter swim.  I'm so proud of her and how hard she has worked.  (I think I might have mentioned that once or twice.)  I'm a blessed mom!  Next she is moving on to track for the spring.  She throws shot put and discus.  Should be fun!

I got up this morning and boy did I NOT want to run!  My back still hurt and I was SO tired.  I woke up about 7:00 a.m. and I wasn't able to get my get up and go to actually go until about 10:00 a.m.  I took it easy.  I only had to do 6 miles and with the way I was feeling I knew that if I tried to push it hard then I would end up getting really frustrated.  I kept a somewhat steady pace and just enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  It was a gorgeous day!  My music was playing, I had sunglasses on and it was a great way to spend the morning.  I am very thankful that I am healthy enough to get out and be active on days like this.  I know many people who cannot and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I found this on Facebook the other day.  I may not be losing the weight but it would be even worse if I didn't keep going.  I'm not going to give up!!  Eventually I will be very happy that I kept going!

We had a meeting tonight for the Cascade Lakes Relay.  It's hard to believe it's only 5 months away!  I'm going to have to apologize my team.  I am the slow one on the team but that's not what I have to apologize for.  The past two years we have done this it has been a great and challenging experience for me.  But I am definitely the slow one on the team.  I don't think there is a person on the team that runs over a 10 minute mile, except for me.  And I point it out constantly that I'm the slow one, or that I won't be as good as everyone else, blah, blah, blah!  I need to quit doing that.  Duh, I'm obviously the slow one on the team.  I don't need to point it out constantly.  And if it bothered them they wouldn't have me on the team and yet here I still am.  It bothers me though because I feel like I'm dragging the team down by being so slow.  Sigh.  Got more self-talk to work through before August!

So I'm going to keep working.  I'm adding praying to the list of things I need to do better.  God and I have been having some great talks this week.  I talk, He listens!  I realized this week I'm trying to do a lot of this on my own and I need to do my part and let God do His part.  This is easier said than done for me because it's hard for me to let go and let someone else be in charge, even God.  So much to learn!

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