Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sprained Ankle

I don't ever seem to do things the easy way.  Last week I was going out to the car to get my headphones before I went on my run.  As I was walking next to my car I stepped on the edge of the driveway while wearing my running shoes.  My left foot tipped into the flowerbed next to the driveway and I rolled my ankle.  It hurt!  I said bad words!  Then I stood there leaning up against my car and thought of some more bad words.  I was mostly mad about hurting myself in such a stupid way.  Do I get an injury during a run or tough workout?  Nope.  I get hurt walking to my car!  I'm talented that way.

I went on my run anyway.  Mostly cause I was so mad I don't think I really processed how much it hurt.  I took it slow and only ran 3 miles.  The silver lining for that run was that my "slow run" was at a 13'30" pace, which a few months ago was a "fast run."  Oh my, what a difference a few months makes.

These are pictures of my ankle the next day.  Or should I say Kankle?

Lovely swollen ankle and toenails that are in dire need of a pedicure!
Right foot view for comparison.  Notice I have an actual ankle bone on this foot.  :-)
The ankle would feel pretty good while I was working but once I drove home and sat for a little bit it started hurting.  Lot's of ibuprofen and ice but it didn't feel like I should run on it.  I went for a hike yesterday morning.  It ached while we were hiking and I can tell today that I pushed it.  But I gave it a week and at this point I HAVE to get running or I'm going to lose some serious ground in a hurry.

The hike Monday was a blast.  We have some amazing places to go hiking in Oregon, many of them are practically in our backyard!  This one was a little over 6 miles and was a big loop.  Hills but not overly steep and a nice wide road/trail to follow.  I think I will be using this trail for some of my hill workouts as I get closer to CLR.  I'm pretty sure that I won't get lost but then again, I'm the girl who sprains her ankle walking to her car, so no guarantees.  :-)  It was lightly sprinkling for most of the hike.  The last two miles the wind really picked up and it rained quite hard.  Good thing we are seasoned Northwest athletes.  Everyone had on rain gear and hats or hoods so nobody was too miserable.  It was still beautiful and every time we go, even when we go to the same place, it looks different.  The only ones that looked miserable were our friends dogs.  Poor little Olive got cold and was shaking by the time we were done.  Good thing her momma had a nice towel to warm her up with and they live really close so she was going to get a nice warm bath when they got home.  The weather is supposed to improve through this week.  I'm glad, I thought we were done with cold and rainy for awhile.  We always get rain, hello, it's Oregon.  But it was weird to have it get so cold too.  Felt like it was the end of February or the beginning of March, not the end of May.  

I was supposed to run today but came home with a migraine.  I can push through a lot of things but a migraine isn't one of them.  I'm going to take some more medicine and crawl into bed.  Hopefully things will be better in the morning.  Getting a little frustrated with my own body getting in my way.  Sprained ankles and migraines are not conducive to being a runner.  :-(  Maybe tomorrow I will feel more like a runner.  I don't feel much like one right now.


  1. It's funny when you pointed out that you didn't get injured while running or during a tough workout, but got injured while walking to your car instead and say you're talented that way. Haha! But hey, accidents really do happen at the most unexpected times and instances. Good thing though, you were still able to run and hike after that. How is it now, by the way? I hope it didn't worsen.
    Sienna @ Fort Lauderdale Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    1. Sienna: The ankle was swollen for quite awhile. I couldn't just take a few days and stay off of it so it was slow to heal. Had the end of the school year, my daughters graduation and then a trip to DC/NYC with a bunch of 8th graders. Was a swollen and tender for almost 6 weeks but I could walk on it and run (slowly) so it could have been much worse. I'm a bit of a klutz so I'm glad I haven't broken anything (knock on wood) because I don't have time for that! :-)

  2. Ouch! It really was unfortunate that it happened to you, Lisa. A sprained ankle is not something one could easily ignore since we use our feet for daily tasks like walking and driving. It's good to know that you were still able to hike in that condition. If you feel any recurrence of pain, I suggest you consider having a trusted professional check your ankle.

    Mark Wallace @ Chiropractic Memphis

  3. For the girl who (by her own admission) sprained her ankle walking to her car, I think you should take it easy on running. I know how much you love to run and hike, and it’s great that you have a very active lifestyle, but really shouldn't push it, at least until it gets better. Give your body all the time it needed to rest and heal, then go back doing those sporty stuff once it's fully recovered. Take care!

    Coleman Lindner @ U.S. HealthWorks