Friday, March 27, 2015

Snot Rockets :-)

Snot Rockets.  Who knew?

It is a skill that becomes very important in the life of a runner.

It becomes even more important in the life of a runner who is getting over a horrible cold.

Today I blew snot rockets all over the Vineyard Loop trail.

This week was our Spring Break and I was really looking forward to a week off of work.  I had some fun things planned and some house things to catch up on.  I didn't get to do the fun things and not near enough of the house things.  I got sick.  I haven't been that sick in a really long time.  Saturday and Sunday I had a hoarse voice but otherwise felt okay.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was a snotty, coughy mess.  I had no energy.  I would be sitting in my recliner and I would just fade off into sleep.  For three days this was how I was.  Ugh!!  I went through an entire box of kleenix!  Thursday and Friday have been better, more energy but still blowing and coughing.   No massage, no visit to see my sister and very little housework done.  So frustrating.

It's good that it happened during Spring Break since I didn't have to worry about sub plans and sick days.  But it really wasn't what I was hoping for my week of recharging my batteries.  Guess my body had other ideas.

Today I went for a hike with Joe.  He had a long run and so we started off together with plans to coordinate at a certain junction.

I walked the first mile and a half.  I was blowing snot rockets and wasn't sure I would have the energy to run at all.
The forest floor is starting to green up and the birds are chirping.  I love the way the forest smelled today
Once I got to where it was downhill I decided to run for a bit to see how it felt.  I ran all the way to the junction where I was supposed to meet Joe and then most of the way up the steep side of the Powderhouse trail.

I almost made it to the top.  While I am trying to push myself a bit I am also working on paying attention to when my body legitimately is saying slow down.  I have decided that when my Garmin and heart rate monitor say my bpm is 170 or higher I get to walk.  (Thank you again Wendie for the Garmin and heart rate monitor!  Cool info to have!)  This seems to coordinate with when I'm really struggling to breath.  Weird, right?  lol

Didn't quite make it to the top but I came close and the last time we did this hike I couldn't run any part of the uphill on Powderhouse.  So I felt accomplished.
View to the east at the top of Powderhouse.  
View to the west at the top of Powderhouse.  
Got back to the junction where I was to meet Joe and gave myself a break.  I had been waiting a few minutes and was toying with the idea of doing Powderhouse again when I could see Joe in the trees heading my way.

He went to do the Powderhouse loop and I took off again running.  I wasn't going particularly fast but I was proud of myself for running at all considering how sick I had been and how often I was blowing snot rockets.  I also had to stop and have a couple of cough attacks.  (I need to work on those kegal exercises!  Ick, that's all I'm going to say about that.)

Joe caught up with me again and I had been running for at least a mile.  I had decided to walk when he caught me.  He wasn't quite to me when I started walking, but close enough.  :-)

I really appreciate how he is getting his workout in and still finding ways to include me.  We don't have to be together the whole time but it is fun to see each other and have spots here and there where we are talking and hanging out.

The sunshine through the trees today was amazing!
We walked a ways and then Joe took off to run to the top of a hill.  I decided to see if I could run up the hill too.  I was slower, obviously, but I made it the whole way at a decent trot.  He ran back down the hill and was going to catch up with me again.  I kept running and got quite a ways down the trail before he caught me.  My average pace at this point was around a 16'30" minute mile.  I was pretty happy with that!

I asked him about a side trail that I had spotted and he said lets do it.  We headed down the Old Growth Trail which then became the New Growth Trail.  It was really pretty.  I struggled a bit at the end of this trail with my breathing but I kept going.

When we reached the Saddle, Joe needed more miles so he was going to keep going.  I had to pick up a doggie deposit bag that Bailey had provided early in our hike.  I did that and was close to 7.5 miles so I had to go a bit farther to make sure that happened.  :-)

Overall I was pretty happy with how I did since I am not 100% yet after my cold.  It felt good to be moving.  I was very tired when I got home.  My hot shower and comfy clothes were the best thing!

Did I mention that I blew a few snot rockets?  I figure it was moving the process along a little quicker.  (At least in theory!)

This is Bailey's favorite position to sleep in my car after a hike.  I don't see how it is comfortable.  

While I didn't get the average pace under 17 minute miles it was very good for me.  Especially since that last extra trail was tougher than I had planned on.

Every week I get better and stronger.

I've got one more week of my practicum and then I will be able to start making plans for more workouts during the week.  I'm excited to have more time to do what I want and enjoy.  I am SO READY to be done with school.  (Have I mentioned that I'm ready to be done with school?)

One of my goals for this summer is to be able to do this route and run the whole damn thing.  Last summer I would have said No Way!  This spring I'm thinking Not Yet.  :-)  But I'm getting closer.
My favorite poet of all time.
I love this quote.  Especially since I am really liking myself, what I am doing and how I am doing it.  :-)

Next week will be a celebration hike.  I.  CAN'T.  WAIT!!!!

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