Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hangover Run 2015

We have done this run for the past five years.  It is a 3k (1.86 miles) trail run down gravel roads, through some woods and a couple of orchards.  They have had to start limiting it to 100 people and is always a great time.  Run Wild Adventures always puts on a great event.

Once again we were joined by fabulous friends.  This year, in addition to our youngest daughter, our oldest son and his buddy both came along.  They were looking forward to participating in their first Beer Mile.

The day was cold but the sunshine was gorgeous!  The laughter and the fun was even better.
Love these fabulous people!!!
My youngest and my oldest being silly.  Some things never change!  :-)
Me and my fabulous husband.  Love this guy more than I can say.
Joe always sports a fun pair of boxers for the Hangover Run.  This years choice is funny.  
The boys are ready for their first Beer Mile.  
Joe is ready to go!
The Beer Mile 2015 crew
The boys after the run.  No one puked.  :-)
Changing after the run.  
Age Group Winners!  Our crew represented well!
Age Group Winners + Selfie + Photo Bomb  :-)
The group after the races.  Still smiling!  
My baby girl, my friend and me.  I love this picture!
I was looking back over the results from previous year's Hangover Runs.  They seems to reflect the ups and downs of the journey I am on.  
  • 2011 82nd out of 95 Total time: 24:22 Avg. pace: 13:06  My wonderful husband ran with me!
  • 2012 98th out of 101 Total time: 26:43 Avg. pace: 14:21
  • 2013 110th out of 117 Total time: 28:30 Avg. pace: 15:19
  • 2014 113th out of 146 Total time: 23:35 Avg. pace: 12:41 My wonderful friends Faylene, Wendie and Josh ran with me!
  • 2015 92nd out of 112 Total time: 25:47 Avg. pace: 13:52

And it is interesting to look at these numbers and realize that they don't really match up with how I felt about the race or where I was at.

Last year I was a month into taking a new medication.  I had wanted to have an average pace of 11:anything.  I really struggled to run and it didn't come easy.

This year I haven't really been running in months so I figured whatever I did would be a bonus.  I felt great.  Breathing was a bit hard because the weather was so cold.  I wish I had worn my buff to put over my mouth, that usually is just enough of a filter to warm the air that it really helps.  Other than that I felt great.  I ran the first mile at a 12:06 pace!  Wow!  I ended up walking at about 1.25 miles for a bit and then running the last quarter mile.  Considering that I walked I ended up with a decent time.  Not my best time but certainly not my worst.  Last year was my best time for this race and I remember it as yucky.  This year was ranked third out of five races and yet it felt better than any year before!  Probably because I had the best attitude yet.  :-)

The best part was that I had fun.  I didn't give a shit what my final time was.  No beating myself up because I should have done better or been faster.  I was out there.  I did it.  Yay me.  And I had FUN! Did I mention that I had fun?

Can't think of a better way to start off 2015.  Good friends, family, laughter and FUN!!

Don't know what I want to accomplish in 2015 yet.  I will start thinking about that more in April.  Right now, the focus is on finishing grad school and trying to squeeze some fun in along the way.

Happy New Year!!

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