Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Sights I See ;-)

I normally don't do two posts back to back but I forgot to include a tidbit from this past weeks runs.  :-)

On Sunday's run last week  I ran down 34th Ave to start with and I was getting close to the end of the street and I noticed something hanging from a tree.  At first I though someone had hung a hat on a branch.

As I got closer I realized it was a BRA!  I had to laugh, how did a bra get into a tree on a busy street?

I kept going but the thought of the bra in the tree gave me many chuckles along my run.

I was telling my friend Betsy about it and we were laughing.  I told her I wish I had taken a picture of it for my blog.  She said I should go that way again and take a picture if it was.

Yesterday I made my route for my long run start out down 34th Ave.  About 1.5 miles in I approached the tree.  Would it still be there?  Or did I lose my opportunity to record the bra in the tree for prosperity?

Lucky me!  It was still there!

Bra that is hooked and on a branch.
Bra in a tree (No, it's not mine)
  • How did the bra get here?
  • Why did the bra get here?
  • Does the owner realize it's in a tree?
  • Does the owner care that it's in a tree?

Inquiry minds want to know.  Actually, maybe I don't want to know.  The answer may be more disturbing than I can handle.  (And no it's not mine.  None of mine are missing and this one is too small.)  lol

You just never know what you are going to see when you are out for a run.  Adventures await, lace up your shoes and get out there!  :-)


  1. Too funny! Perhaps it blew out of someone's laundry basket when they were coming back from the laundry mat??? Interesting writing prompt...for college age students!

  2. Awesome story!

    Steve L.