Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mr. Expert...Not So Much. Lol

So I'm sitting in the Portland Airport on August 4th, the day after the Cascade Lakes Relay.  I had flown in from Redmond and was waiting for the rest of my group to head down to San Diego for a training for teachers that my school is getting involved in.  As I'm sitting there a big group of teachers show up from another school district.  They were heading to the same training that I was going to.  I ended up with people sitting on either side of me and they were talking around and over me.  I was reading a book and not getting too involved in their conversations.

Until the show off started talking.  You know the show off.  Everyone knows one.  Always bragging about what he or she is doing or how good they have already done something.  And not in way that is just saying "Hey, I'm proud of myself for doing that." But more like "Hey, you suck because you can't possibly be as cool or studly as I am."

First he starts out by talking about how he is going to sign up to do an Ironman.  Not that he has signed up or even knows which Ironman he wants to do.  Just that his next big thing is an Ironman.  He is bragging about how tough it will be and how it won't really be an issue for him because he is in such great shape.  Now I will admit the guy was very fit.  He was slim and because he was wearing shorts I could see that his calf muscles were well defined like a runner/biker.  He was only about 5'10" and when he walked around he definitely had that "look at me" swagger.  At this point I'm enjoying the conversation just because my husband not only actually signed up for an Ironman but he did one.  This guys is just all brag as far as I can tell.

Then he starts talking about the Cascade Lakes Relay.  You know, the relay race that I had just finished the evening before.  He is telling the guy sitting on the other side of me that he also plans to be part of the Cascade Lakes Relay next year.  He thinks that he should have no problem finding people to be part of the 150 mile relay race.  Now I have to say something.  lol  Nope, can't just sit there and ignore the conversation anymore.  I look over at the guy and say "Actually, the relay was a total of 216.6 miles long."  Oh no, Mr. Expert on everything has to argue with me.  He is positive that the relay is 150 miles.  He tells me that in a condescending tone.  Poor little fat girl, what would I know about a relay race?   He then proceeds to continue talking over me to his friend about the relay.

By this time his friend has realized that I am wearing the finishers shirt from this years relay and gives me a big smile.  I look at the Know it All and say again that I know for sure the race is 216.6 miles long because I just did it.  Then he gives me the look.  He looks me up and down and the look on his face is "Ya right lady, I don't think so."  I point out my shirt and say that my team just did our third CLR.  I ran 15 miles this year, the longest was 7.5.  I didn't tell him that I got sick during the second leg and my pace sucked or that I was the slowest person on the team.  He didn't need to know that part.  lol  I proceed to tell his friend where the race starts and ends and how much it was.  He was totally cracking up that I was able to take the wind out of the other guys sails.

At this point I spotted the rest of my group sitting somewhere else so I decided to go join them.  I didn't say anything else as I walked away but in my head I wanted to tell "Mr. Expert" that MY husband actually is an Ironman.  :-)  But that seemed a bit snarky so I refrained.  :-)

99% of the time the runners are the best.  Encouraging and supportive whether you run a 16 minute mile or a 6 minute mile.  I have not met many people like this guy.  I'm sure they are out there but they probably are done and home by the time I finish my race so they aren't part of my experience.

I have joined a Facebook community page called Favorite Run Community.  I love this page!  People ask questions or just post what they are doing.  The comments are funny and encouraging.  Tonight I posted about my run today.  I ran three miles and got another run with an average pace of 12'42".  That's two runs that had an average pace of under 13 minute miles.  I was stoked!  And I had negative splits with my last mile being my fastest.  In a very short amount of time I had over 30 likes and about 10 comments.  For a stranger!  All encouraging and excited for me.  I look on that page and see people posting results of 9 minute miles and they are excited for me doing a sub 13 minute mile?  What a great community to be a part of!!

Run on the left was today.  I worked hard but felt pretty good when I was done.

Run on the right was in January.  It was slow and I'm pretty sure that I was slightly miserable.  About all that was good about that run was that I finished it.  :-)

My splits from the January run.  Ugh!
My splits from today's run.  Awesome!!  :-)
I think the guy at the airport would have really irritated me in January because I would have felt like I deserved the condescending look.  The look that says there is no way this person could do anything that physical.  But the person I am today is not the person I was 8 months ago.  I am stronger, leaner and yep, faster.  Not where I want to be by any stretch of the imagination but I'm heading in the right direction!  It sure helps to have people in my life who cheer me on and a God that loves me and wants what's best for me.  :-)

It's good to look at back and see how far I've come.  It helps keep things in perspective when I get frustrated because the weight isn't coming off as fast as I want or the speed isn't where I want it to be.  At least I'm heading in the right direction.  :-)

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  1. You are a woman with WILLPOWER! I'm happy that you are accepting of the fact that you are accomplishing great things!