Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Goals

I have gotten caught up in the frenzy of race fever.  Find a bigger, better race and try and get a PR (personal record).  This isn't a bad thing.  I like pushing myself and I like doing things out of my comfort zone because it makes me take risks I normally wouldn't.  However, I lost sight of the original goal.  My original goal was to lose weight in order to become a healthier me.  I thought that by doing all these races and activities that the weight would come off as a side benefit.  That has not been the case.  Add to that all the frustrations and stresses that I have had this past year and I have not been successful in my training, racing or weight loss.  Time to reevaluate and decide on a new plan.

I mentioned last week that I have put family and grad school first.  That will remain in place.  Family is always going to be my number one priority.  School is just too important to me and doing well feeds something inside me that I need.  So that isn't going anywhere either.  Which leaves me with races and my exercising.  I haven't been able to balance training plans at all for the last 10 months.  All I have done is get frustrated with myself because I know that if I follow the plans I get results. But it is hard to find the time or the energy sometimes with everything else I have going on.

I have made some new goals.  I have decided to work on staying active.  I found some plans on Pinterest that are exercise plans designed for losing weight.  That's the goal.  Staying active and getting fit.  I am going to work on doing something for at least 30 to 40 minutes a day, for a minimum of 4 days a week but hoping to get 5 or 6 days in.  I'm going to really watch everything I eat and see what happens.

I have signed up for the Silver Falls trail run in November but instead of the 1/2 marathon I decided to do the new 7 miler.  Easier to train for, not as much stress since I will still be taking classes and I think it will be fun.

So from now until Christmas I plan on being very vigilant about what I am eating and how much I am eating.  I plan to be active, doing multiple activities and doing something 4 or more days a week.  I plan to continue to be the best wife and mom I can be.  I also plan to kick ass with my grad school classes.  Boy, will I be glad when I am done with that and have one less thing on my plate!!

Here is the plan I found on Pinterest:

I like having a plan because it gives me something to look at each day.  I don't have to try and come with something on my own.  At the same time this plan will give me the flexibility to swim, bike or run for some of the workouts.  Which means I can pick what works best for my schedule and what I have going that day.

Even if I don't do all the workouts on this list each week that will be okay.  I'm trying to cut myself some slack because I am doing some things right.

Part of the decision to refocus my goals was because it was pointed out to me by several people that I have surrounded myself with wonderful, strong people that have crazy, high-faluting goals.  If I keep trying to keep up with them where I am right now I am going to be disappointed.  I need to do what makes me happy and what is right for me.  The hard part for me in that is that it often makes me feel like I am all alone.  Everyone else is riding bike together, hiking together, doing trail runs and all kinds of other trail runs together.  Where am I?  All by myself.  Most of the time I like working out alone.  I can get in my own groove and do things in my own pace and comfort level.  But when I'm hearing about all the goofy stories, funny pictures and adventures that everyone else is doing together I feel left out.   I started this whole crazy running thing because I was tired of being left out.  Somehow I still feel that way sometimes.  Probably need to get over that.  :-)

The new plan:
  • Eat clean.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Keep active.
  • Finish Grad school. :-)
  • Have Fun!!
  • Remember that I am making progress.  

That seems doable.

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  1. I always look forward to your new posts. Probably because I'm always able to take something positive and helpful from them! I have admired all that you have accomplished with running, and I also admire you for making the needed changes that will get you to where you want to be. (Even if it leaves you feeling a bit left out.) That quote at the end was especially awesome!