Sunday, November 24, 2013

It Wasn't Pretty...But I Went.

It wasn't pretty.

I didn't go far.

I didn't go fast.

But I went.

And that is what I am measuring my success by this week.  I did all four of my runs.  I did the distance I was supposed to do, even if I had to walk some of it.  I did my cross training as well.  I ran in the dark with my safety vest and flashy lights.  I ran in the dark on the track while my daughter was at swim practice.  I ran in the morning on Saturday in the very cold weather.  Brrr!

This was technically a recovery week on my training plan which was good since I haven't been doing the running that I should so it was nice to have shorter runs.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday were three mile runs.  I ran around the neighborhood on Monday but it was almost 5:00 so I had to watch my feet carefully to make sure I didn't trip on anything.  Tuesday and Friday I ran on the track.  In the past I hated the track but the last few months I have begun to enjoy it more.  It is particularly nice in the dark because I don't have to worry about trying to see uneven sidewalks or things in the road that I might trip on.

Beautiful Sunset was my reward for one of my track runs!
I swam for 30 minutes on Wednesday night.  I had been going during the lap swim in the morning but the last few times I went it was really crowded.  Partly because some people in their lanes were swimming back and forth on one side of the lane.  This works great if there are only two people but not if there are more.  For whatever reason nobody wants to ask people to circle and so at one point there were six people in my lane while all the other lanes had only two people.  This happened the last two or three times I went in the morning.  The lifeguard is supposed to ask people to circle swim but she wouldn't and most people, me included, don't feel comfortable asking.  Going in the evening there are way less people which is awesome.  However, lap swim doesn't start until 6:00 p.m and it's hard to get motivated to go after working all day and being tired.  All that being said, I finally got myself out the door and went for my swim.

Saturday I slept in which was wonderful.  I got up and had breakfast and got ready to go but kept putting off going out the door.  I had to do a six mile run which was the farthest I have done since the Silver Falls Half Marathon.  This is a distance that is totally doable for me now but I wasn't excited about the run.  It was really cold outside!  Low 30's.  It is always hard to dress for the cold.  Layers are good but some things are warmer than others and then I get too hot or too cold.  It's a balancing act.

I finally sucked it up and headed out a little after 8:00 a.m.  It was cold but not to windy so that was a plus.  I started at a low 13 minute mile pace which wasn't too bad.  Unfortunately every mile got slower and slower.  I had 1.5 miles left to go and I just couldn't keep it up.  Everything was hurting, I had no energy and I had to poop.  (I know, too much information but you would not believe how hard that makes it to run.  It's VERY uncomfortable!)  So I walked the last 1.5 miles which made me very frustrated and totally ruined my average pace for the run to over 14 minute miles.

Iced over mud puddle!
My weight is stagnant again.  Not going down but not going up either so I'm trying to focus on the positive.  The title of the blog is Running in Place and Getting Nowhere Fast.   Some days I still feel that.  Other days I feel like I'm on the treadmill and I've lost my footing and have gone flying backwards.  On days (or weeks) like that it is hard to remember that I have come a long way since last Christmas.  I'm just not where I wanted to be or thought I could be considering the amount of work and effort I have put in the last 11 months.  Sigh.

This will be another busy week.  We have a lot going on with Thanksgiving and most of it involves food.  My workouts will be very important if I'm going to not gain holiday pounds.  I'll also be working on drinking lots of water to help with the bloating that I always seem to have during the holidays.

I may not go far.

I may not go fast.

But at least I'm still going.  

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