Monday, April 15, 2013

Praying for Boston

Today is a sad day.  Bombs were set off in Boston during the Boston Marathon near the finish line.  I'm am incredibly sad by this news.

I'm sad because I feel like a part of the running community and these were my fellow runners.  They were trying to reach their goals and have their moment to shine after a hard fought race.

I'm sad because these were my fellow Americans.  Citizens of my county that I am proud to be a part of, in spite of or rather because of our differences.

I'm sad because these were people.  People anywhere should be able to be out in public and be safe.  Not just feel safe but actually BE safe.

I'll be praying for the people that are in Boston today.

  • I am praying for the runners and their families that they feel God's loving presence.
  • I am praying for people who have loved ones in Boston and are waiting to find out if they are safe that they find out quickly.  
  • I am praying for the first responders and police on scene that they do their jobs well and bring aid and comfort to those hurt.
  • I am praying for the government officials who are in charge of the situation now and during the investigation of what happened.  May they be given wisdom and compassion to do their jobs well.
  • I am praying for all of us that we can figure out a way to disagree or be angry without having to hurt others.  This is not the kind of world I want my children to grow up in.  

When all else fails my limited understanding of why these things can happen I do the only thing I can.  I turn to the Lord for comfort.