Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend Off

Six weeks down in my Practicum.  Five weeks left to go.  I'm starting to feel like I can do this.  :-)

This week I had to turn in my Mid-Term Evaluation by my Site Supervisor, create a counselor's website and create a list of resources for people to access services in my community.  It was all due on Sunday night.  I got it all turned in Friday night.  Happy Dance!!

I decided to take the weekend off.  I didn't work on assignments that are coming down the pipe.  I didn't load videos or log hours or any of the ten thousand other things I probably should have.  I remembered what it was like to just have a regular life on the weekend.  I have to tell you, it felt great!

Friday night I went and watched my nephew play his last regular season basketball game in high school.  It was fun to see him play!  (I still can't get over how tall he is!)

Saturday morning I dropped off the youngest at her play rehearsal.  She was planning on spending the night at a friend's house after so that meant not only did I have the entire weekend off of school but I also didn't have to be mom for a bit.  Love that job, but a break once in awhile is never complained about.

I started doing laundry and putzing around the house.  I know, sounds exciting, right?  But it was nice to just get some stuff done without feeling rushed about it.

We decided to go hiking with the Gums and headed out to meet them at the Saddle.  We usually go first thing in the morning but this was around noon.  Kristy and Tony were also there and a friend of Kristy's joined us.  We headed up the hill to do what we call the Vineyard Loop.  The day was gorgeous!!  I know that we are going to pay for having such a mild winter later, but right now it sure is wonderful.

Most of the group took off running since they were working on various training plans for all their epicness.  Wendie and I took off walking but were moving right along.  Wendie had been on a trip all week and had run every day she was gone.  Her training for the Ironman in Coeur d'Alene is getting serious now and I'm so proud of how she is taking it day by day!

I remembered to wear my Garmin this time and was pleasantly surprised to see that we were keeping a pace that was around a 16 minute mile or less.  Up hill!  That is really great for me.  Then Wendie started running.  So I started running.  And you know what?  I did okay.  I kept up.  (Mostly)  I may not be running during the week but the weekly hikes are definitely helping.  :-)

At the top of Powder House (a little trail up and back to the Vineyard Trail). 
My Backyard! 
Those little people in the distance are my friends.  :-)  They run trails faster than me.  :-)
There was only one time where I couldn't keep running and keep everyone in sight.  There was one small hill about a quarter of a mile up and I made it just under halfway and had to stop.  My breathing just couldn't keep up.  Joe was with us at this point and had run up the hill with Wendie but came trotting back to walk with me back up the hill.  Wasn't that sweet?

Six months ago I would have been so frustrated about keeping up and this time I felt all badass for keeping up for as long as I had.  This was mile 5.  I had kept up for 5 miles!  And then I got to the top of the hill and took off again.  Eventually we caught up with Josh and Wendie as they were taking a stretch break.

The light in the forest looks different in the afternoon than it does in the morning.  So once again I enjoyed the ever changing beauty of the forest.  I have done this hike countless times and it is different and lovely every single time.  It never gets old.  I have an amazing backyard.

When we got to the gate my Garmin said that I had done 6.86 miles.  Everyone else was stretching on the gate so I walked up the hill we had started on so that I could get an even seven miles.  :-)
Stretching is important!
Love this group!!  A day is always better when I get to spend time with any of them. :-)
We decided to go have lunch/dinner together and take our mutual yettiness to Skyhigh.  It was so much fun!  By the time we got a table were looking at the menu it was a bit after 2:00 p.m.  Their happy hour started at 2:30 and most of the stuff we wanted to order would be almost half price.  So we ordered drinks and told the waitress we would wait to get food for a bit.  She was awesome and said she would come back to take our orders at the magic time.

We had a great time and spent a lot of time laughing and harassing each other.  I have such amazing friends and love spending time with them!!

When we got home and I uploaded my information from Garmin I couldn't believe it!  My average pace for the hike was 15:58 and my moving pace was 15:50!! I have done runs that were slower than that!!  And the best part was that I wasn't super tired or sore!  I am stronger.  My body is liking these hikes and the consistency of them.  I have gone every weekend for over two months.  I usually go more than six miles and most of the time there are some solid hills.  It feels good to realize that while I'm not running during the week, I am consistently making an effort to be moving and that is making a difference.  Still need to get the breathing better but even that is improving.  I'm thinking that in April I will start doing short runs during the week and keep the hiking/running on the weekends.  The hills will be good training for Cascade Lakes Relay and obviously they are helping me get stronger.  I figure that I will just add back in the running and keep the hiking and see what happens.

Sunday I spent the day cleaning my house.  I did laundry, swept floors. helped my daughter rediscover that she had a floor in her room and sorted through my clothes.  I have a big garbage bag full of clothes that don't fit or I just don't wear anymore.  Some were clothes that I wore because the were the right size but I always felt like they looked frumpy on me.  I decided that I am not going to wear clothes that make me feel that way anymore so out they went.  That was really really fun!  :-)

Throughout the day I would occasionally stop and take a break and watch T.V. for a bit or play with the puppy.  It was nice to have a day where I could just get some things done without feeling tired or that I needed to be doing something for my class.  It was weirdly relaxing.  Meighan and I went grocery shopping and got the house stocked up.  I still need to go to Costco but that can wait for a few days.

Five weeks left to go in my Practicum.  I'm starting to feel that I just might get this done.  :-)

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