Sunday, January 11, 2015

Friends, Fog and Fun

Went on a hike today.  At first I was going solo, well me and the dog anyway, but then my friend  Faylene texted and wanted to know if I wanted to go hiking.  So I told her my plans and her and her hubby decided to join me.  The plan was to do the Vineyard loop.  Joe and Tony had taken off earlier to run up to the top of Dimple Hill.  Then they would run the loop and catch us.

I brought Bailey and Dwayne and Faylene brought their sweet girl Annabelle.  Dwayne and Faylene had never been on this trail and it was fun to show them a new route.  The dogs had a great time.  Annabelle tolerated my puppy very well.  She kept running up to Annie, licking her face and then taking off.  It was so funny.

It was misting pretty badly on the drive to the saddle so I was anticipating a wet walk today.  It was foggy but it wasn't raining so that was great.  The temperature was not too cold either so overall it was a pretty good day in January for a hike.

Faylene and Dwayne have been my number #1 supporters in this up and down journey I have been on to being a healthier me (other than my wonderful hubby).   I treasure their friendship more than I can even begin to say.  They have never been anything but encouraging and supportive, even when I have been a miserable, whiny mess.  I'm sure there have been times where I was difficult to be around and yet I always know that I can call either of them and they will drop everything and be there.  I am very blessed to have quite a few of these types of friends to call my own now.  But other than my sweet friend Sheryl, who claims me from forever ago, these two are at the top of the list.  Thank you both for sticking with me in the ugly times as well as the good times!  Looking forward to a lot more memories and laughter with the two of you!!
Two amazing people I get to call my friends!
I felt really good on the hike.  Didn't have to use my inhaler once.  Was able to keep a good steady pace and never really got to a point where I was hurting or felt like I needed to stop.  While I haven't been doing much running, the weekly hikes have been good for me.
We got above the fog for awhile.  It was eerie and cool looking.  
Joe and Tony caught up to us with about a mile and a half left.  We could hear them behind us but couldn't see them for the longest time in the fog.  Bailey knew daddy was somewhere but couldn't figure out where.  She kept circling us looking for him.  When they caught up Joe stayed with us and walked the last bit.  Tony took off to finish his run.  After we got done we headed to the Market of Choice for a coffee and a late breakfast.  Got to have a fun treat of seeing two more of our running peeps who had done a different run that morning.  Always good to see smiling faces!  Just adds to the day.  :-)

Missed a few people today, but life happens.  I selfishly like to see all my people often but since we are all so crazy busy and do have other people in our lives that like to spend time with us that isn't always possible.   Hopefully those that are sick will get better fast and those that were busy had fun with their other activities.  :-)

Next week we will be doing a 10k.  It will be the first 10k for my youngest and also for a friend of mine.  I'm already so proud of her for being willing to try it.  Last spring she started training for her first 5k and rocked that in September.  Then she let me talk her into signing up for this 10k.  We are going to have so much fun at this run, no matter how fast or slow we go!  It's been good for me to be able to encourage and support her in her journey just like so many have supported me.

Looking forward to having a great time, getting a fun new shirt, and laughing a lot!
Appreciating the people in my life who have been patient with me.  :-)

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