Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Hike with Puppy! :-)

Another week has come and gone without much running on my part.  Grocery shopping, puppy obedience classes and just plain old being tired all conspired to make running difficult.  I have to admit though that these are really excuses.  I could have found the time, I just couldn't find the energy.

Tuesday I had a massage after work.  Oh my goodness it was glorious!  Wendie has a gift!  She knew about my fall during the trail run.  Combined with the fall at school a couple of weeks before my back and neck were sore!  She concentrated on my back and neck for the entire hour.  Oh glorious pain that leads to feeling better!  She has magic hands.  I felt so much better and other than a twinge now and then the difference has been amazing!  That was money very well spent!

Friday we went to look for a new bike for me.  Since I don't have my friend Betsy's bike anymore for reasons outside of my control it is time for me to finally give in and get my own bike.  We went to Peak Sports in Corvallis and I got to test drive several sizes and types of bikes.  Every time I get on a bike I remember how much fun it is and how much I loved riding my bike as a kid.  I narrowed it down to two bikes but one was too small.  So they are building up a larger version of the same bike so that I can have a better comparison.  I can't wait to get the call so I can go test drive again.  They suggested the next test drive that I go for about a 30 minute ride on each bike to really get a good feel for the bike.  Well, okay, if you insist.  :-)

Saturday I went for a 5K run around the neighborhood.  I felt great and was moving along at a pretty good pace considering the lack of consistent running I have had the last few months.  The problem was my breathing.  I took at breathing break at every mile.  I would just take a minute to bring my heart rate down a little and take some deep, slow breaths.  Then off I would go again.  My pace was on the lower side for me and I was pretty happy all things considered.  My lungs are more out of shape than my legs are evidently.  There is always something to work on!

Where are we going Mom?
Today I decided I wanted to go on a hike and I wanted to take the puppy.  She has been doing great walking on the leash and likes to go for walks.  I took her on a hike that was a little over 4.5 miles.  When we started out it was raining and she was not too happy about being out in the rain.  Boxers are not big fans of being wet so she was doing this crouching walk while looking at me with big sad eyes that said, "Are you really going to make me walk in this?"  lol  Anyone with a Boxer will know what I'm talking about.  Once she realized that I wasn't going to take her back to the car she started having fun.  She did such a good job staying by my side.

Since it was just me and the dog I stopped several times to take pictures.  I live in an incredibly beautiful part of the world.  It doesn't matter if it is raining or sunny or somewhere in between.  It is always gorgeous on a trail.

Bailey and I walked up to the top of Dimple Hill at a nice brisk pace.  When we got to the top we got to say hi to another dog.  A great big, shaggy yellow lab.  He was very sweet and liked saying hi to Bailey and me.  Yogi was happy to meet me too and jumped up.  His owner was slightly mortified but I wasn't worried about it.  I was already dirty from the walk so who cares about a little more mud.  :-)  Our new friends took off, Yogi's owner was on a bike, and we checked out the view and I took more pictures.

Misty morning.

Wild Orchids were everywhere!
The view at the top.  Love the layer of clouds.
Bailey was more interested in looking around than at the camera.  
Bailey and me.  :-) 
Top of Dimple Hill. 
Bailey and I headed back down the hill and I decided to run and see how she did.  She did awesome!  If anything I think she thought I was too slow.  :-)  But she did a great job at heel and kept my pace.  At  one point she bounced along beside me.  Silly puppy.

So I had a great hike up and a great run down.  Next time we will see if she can handle running the whole thing.  Actually we will see if I can handle running the whole thing.  :-)

I loved having my puppy pal along.  She is such a great dog (some usual puppy frustrations) and I know that we are going to have a lot of fun with Bailey as part of the family.

I'm going to work on getting my runs in this week, either before or after work.  Better sleep (I've been having a hard time sleeping while Joe is at work the last few weeks), consistent runs and getting some cross training in.

It was nice to have some me time today.  I forget how much I need that until I haven't had it in awhile.

Happy Running everyone!

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