Friday, March 1, 2013

Funny Story!

I forgot to share a funny story that happened while I was finishing up my long run last Saturday.

I was getting towards the end of my run.  I only needed another half mile to finish up so I needed to continue down the main road I was on and then circle back around the block to my house to get the distance I needed.  I usually keep my music on the low side so I can hear cars and can be more aware of my surroundings. 

I'm cruising along, working on my pace, thinking about how I'm almost done.  Doing a little self-talk to get me through the last half mile when I hear a shout right behind me.  "HEY!!!"  It scared the crap out of me!  I startled drastically and turned to look behind me thinking "What in the hell?"  Directly behind me, almost next to my feet was tricycle bike.  The ones that are for adults.  It was complete with a wire basket on the front and flags on the back.  The person driving the bike was a little old man with a baseball cap and a helmet on top of the cap.  He was not happy with me!  He starts shouting at me about how he has been hollaring for me to get the hell out of his way.  "Stupid earphones, why couldn't you hear me?"  Well, I wasn't to happy about being startled like that and then being crabbed at.  I am generally a pretty nice person and I feel that it is very important to respect my elders.  However, I had been running a long time and had been focused and having that focus broken by somebody who is crabbing at me didn't go over well. I stepped onto the grass so he could get by and he yelled at me again saying I needed to pay more attention and I told him it wouldn't have been a problem if he had been in the bike lane where he was supposed to be, since I was on the sidewalk where I was supposed to be.  I put my earphones back in but I could see that he was still jawing at me about his opinion of the situation.  I kind of wish now I had left the earbuds out so I could hear what he had to say.  I'm sure it was delightful!

The funniest thing about all of this is that after he passed me he went about 15 more feet and then turned into the driveway for the retirment home.  15 FEET!  He could have just gone behind me slowly for a little bit and waited till I passed the driveway and then turned.  Evidently it was more fun to scare the bejezus out the runner and the yell at her as he went by.  I had to laugh!  People really are funny. 

Beware of Old Men in hats, riding tricycles!
(This was not the one who startled me but you get the idea lol)

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